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Latest News! We are now offering a Thoth Tarot Taster Workshop
A face to face workshop in North Wales for only £20
So if you would like to learn to read the Tarot using intuition, you can get a feel for our approach in this one day workshop and meet fellow tarot readers too.

The Courses

Clients' Comments.....

"I have greatly enjoyed these past three weeks of Tarot training. I have learned so much. I am looking forward to the Initial Thoth training course in January. Thank you for all your support and positive input. "

Spunirtha, OR, USA
Absolute Beginners Course

I feel that I've learnt a lot from this course and that I've managed to overcome the reputation the Thoth deck has of being, 'scary' and that you should approach it purely from a theoretical, symbology approach. It's made me realise that I can read with this deck and that I do have intuition and that listening to it is a good thing.

Sharon Walker – Former Tarot Association of the British Isles Training coordinator, Trainer, Mentor and Free Reader,
Initial Thoth Course

This is one of the most positive learning experiences I have ever had. I started off thinking this was a course about the Tarot and yet it changed my perspective of myself and I grew as a person through the whole process. It is an absolute must for those who wish to pursue the path of personal development and learn more about the tarot in the process. ”
- Dr. Annie Llewellyn, North Wales
Initial Thoth Course

“ This course has been transformational. The techniques provided by Emma and Semele for intuition development are phenomenal. In 16 weeks I managed to achieve something which I have been working on for the past 15 years. I have no hesitation in recommending this course. It is fantastic. ”
- C. Tucker, Berkshire
Initial Thoth Course

The courses are going exceedingly well, people are really gaining a lot of skill, personal growth and intuition development through the work they do on these courses. I have now developed a separate website for the full details of these courses. You can check it out here Online Tarot Courses We have had some wonderful feedback from past courses - some of which is below.

The courses take place through in a secure area of our forum which provides a way of working as a group yet also at a distance, and gaining individual attention from the tutors throughout the course. The tutors, Emma and Semele, are both experienced professional tarot readers, using their intuitive psychic skills daily. You can read more about the tutors background and experience on the main tarot training website.

Initial Thoth course

This course focuses strongly on intuition development and personal development using the cards and though initially designed for those who have some experience of the tarot in general, we are now also consider students who may have only just met the tarot. In many instances this course can be appropriate for a beginner also as it is an experiential rather than theoretical course.

We approach the training from a psychological perspective, using the Gerd Zeigler book "Tarot - Mirror of the Soul", and an intuitive angle, using visualisation into cards to gain our own information. We will look at personal blocks to using the Thoth and there will be quite a bit of personal work.

Topics include working with the shadow, reading for the public and journeying into a card. Courses start in January and September each year and are 16 weeks long.

For full details of this course's syllabus see the Thoth Training website.


£300 Payment by installments can also be arranged - please enquire.

To apply for the course please follow the instructions on my tarot training website.

Absolute Beginners course

We have created a bare basics course which lasts 3 weeks. We cover the basic concepts behind the tarot - its structure the suits and how to ask questions appropriately of it as well as a section on Using the cards together in a spread.

This course allows complete beginners to then have access to the initial Thoth course above. It is also a good taster of how working in the environment of a forum can work.

We run this course to suit the person applying. It is not a group course though there may be occasions when several people are working through the material at the same time and past students work is available for extra understanding of specific cards and how others have approached them

For full details of this course's syllabus see the Thoth Training website. £60

Advanced Thoth course

If you are interested in the more theoretical basis of this deck we cover the basics of astrology and Kabbalah in the advanced course though still with the emphasis on how to use this knowledge and correspondences, building on the skills developed in the first course. We maintain a strong intuitive feel for the cards and personal response to them whilst incorporating some of the major influences that these cards show. There are also topics on relationships, how the Thoth is

For full details of this course's syllabus see the Thoth Training website.

Enhance Your Tarot Skills

We are offering a new course based upon the Dip Into the Thoth course. It has been adapted to allow you to explore any deck, you can use the Thoth if you wish or another favourite or new deck. We are still working from the basis of looking at the cards from a psychological and intuitive perspective. It is also a good add on course to the others offered covering topics such as timing in the tarot, animal symbolism, colour and using the tarot with dreams. See the tarot training website for details. £120

Mentoring and private Training

Client's Comments.....

“ Emma prepared a structured approach to our two meetings whilst I stayed at Fron Goch, and her deep feeling for and experience of the cards was coupled with an exuberant and enthusiastic approach which made it fun as well as meaningful for me.

I will never forget my experience at Snowdonia Retreat with Emma and the Thoth Tarot, and every time I hold the deck now I remember a very positive and enjoyable time which has created for me an enduring affection for the Thoth tarot. ”
- Steve Roxburgh, Bristol

Both Semele and myself offer private training with a deck of your choice should this option suit you more - we can work face to face or online as you require with sessions to suit you. We also offer personal mentoring to help you continue your professional development with the tarot or help you make the transition into working as a profession with the tarot. Take a look at the tarot mentoring section of our website for details or enquire personally to Emma or Semele.
Around £60 a month depending on requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Emma Sunerton-Burl
Intuitive Psychic

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