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Psychic Tarot Readings

Do you need some guidance in your life right now?

Your focus can be on work, relationships, personal or spiritual development or specific questions as you wish. By post, telephone or in person - order your empowering tarot readings now and pay online. Gift Certificates also available.

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Online Thoth Tarot Training

Would you like to be able to read with the Thoth tarot deck?

These courses develop your ability to read tarot with the Thoth deck using your intuition and looking at psychological approaches to the deck. Also private tarot tuition and mentoring available. Face to Face workshops in North Wales now also available.

Where ever you are based this online private forum based course gives you group experience and individual tutor attention.

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Spiritual Development Sessions

Do you want to reconnect with your true healthy self, feel more in contact with your spirit?

I offer ongoing sessions, using tarot, spiritual counselling and visualisation to help you reconnect with yourself, to heal your emotional body and to develop your own intuitive sense in your life.

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Stress Management - Visualisation & Relaxation

Feeling stressed - by life generally or by a specific situation?

Learning to relax helps health, sleep and your general well-being. In a session we will spend some time looking at your current stress levels, then journey to your inner depths, your spiritual self or your physical body where you are guided to find answers to your current situations. We then formulate an action plan together from what you discover.

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Dream Interpretations

Do you have a dream that has been on your mind?

You feel it is important but can't quite work out what it means for you, then look at my dream interpretation page for some guidelines of where to start, if you are still left wondering, I can help you decipher it by email.

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Guided meditations for relaxation, intuition development and healing

MP3 downloads are available for meeting your highter-self, working with children and inner children, balancing the chakras and for sexual healing.

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Do you want any assistance in interpreting your images?

Go to my Interpretation Page for help interpreting your own images.

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